SME’s: Looking for Help

Had a really interesting conversation this afternoon with, Jim, a Commercial Manager from the CSIRO. We are currently developing a new tent, tentatively called the Big Speedy Tent. We have been developing it now for a few years and are now into our 4th and hopefully final prototype. We are looking to test the design by replicating harsh weather conditions, most notably wind and rain, to ensure the designs stands up to the worst that can be thrown at it.


I have had some dealing recently with them on a completely different matter and was really surprised at just how helpful they were. I am glad to say my conversation with Jim today has only enhanced my perception of them. While he is not sure the CSIRO can actually help he has gone away to make a few phone calls to contacts he has and also check around the office for any suggestions.He has asked for a couple of days and he will then get in touch with me. I am pretty confident he will be back with a few suggestions/options.


I guess the lesson on this is that you just have to always be thinking and looking for networks or contacts who might be able to help or support you, especially when you are stepping out into territories you may not have covered before. It amazing what opportunities a phone call and a chat can potentially unlock.