Trade Mark Applications: Never as easy as they seem!

Just back from a morning with our trade mark and patent attorney’s ($$$$$$!!) and as is often the case things that would seem to be obvious are less so when dealing with the legal world.

For some reason while we have this old logo registered since 2005, our newer logo that we have been using in the market for around 5 years hasn’t been accepted…so far! Wont be a problem in the long run as we have been using the brand name in the market, in advertising etc. but the fact we have only changed a logo design seems to have no relevance to application or assessment.

EPE Logo2

To do this properly, in hindsight, we probably should have consulted our attorneys first but when you are starting up or re-launching a business you are really more interested in just getting yourself up and running and getting the cash flow happening.

Happy to have a chat to anybody who wants to gain from our experience (this sounds so much better than learn from our mistakes!!)